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 <​code>​ <​code>​
 +...Waf: Leaving directory `/​usr/​local/​src/​ns-allinone-3.6/​ns-3.6/​build'​
 +'​build'​ finished successfully (8m57.246s)
 +9. Lanzar el comando:
 +  ./waf -d debug --enable-sudo configure
 +Checking for program g++                 : ok /​usr/​bin/​g++ ​
 +Checking for program cpp                 : ok /​usr/​bin/​cpp ​
 +Checking for program ar                  : ok /​usr/​bin/​ar ​
 +Checking for program ranlib ​             : ok /​usr/​bin/​ranlib ​
 +Checking for g++                         : ok  ​
 +Checking for program pkg-config ​         : ok /​usr/​bin/​pkg-config ​
 +Checking for regression reference traces ​ : ok ../​ns-3.6-ref-traces (guessed) ​
 +Checking for -Wno-error=deprecated-declarations support : yes 
 +Checking for -Wl,​--soname=foo support ​                  : yes 
 +Checking for header stdlib.h ​                           : ok 
 +Checking for header signal.h ​                           : ok 
 +Checking for header pthread.h ​                          : ok 
 +Checking for high precision time implementation ​        : 128-bit integer ​
 +Checking for header stdint.h ​                           : ok 
 +Checking for header inttypes.h ​                         : ok 
 +Checking for header sys/​inttypes.h ​                     : not found 
 +Checking for library rt                                 : ok 
 +Checking for header netpacket/​packet.h ​                 : ok 
 +Checking for header linux/​if_tun.h ​                     : ok 
 +Package gtk+-2.0 was not found in the pkg-config search path.
 +Perhaps you should add the directory containing `gtk+-2.0.pc'​
 +to the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable
 +No package '​gtk+-2.0'​ found
 +Checking for pkg-config flags for GTK_CONFIG_STORE ​     : not found 
 +Package libxml-2.0 was not found in the pkg-config search path.
 +Perhaps you should add the directory containing `libxml-2.0.pc'​
 +to the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable
 +No package '​libxml-2.0'​ found
 +Checking for pkg-config flags for LIBXML2 ​              : not found 
 +Checking for library sqlite3 ​                           : not found 
 +Checking for NSC location ​                              : not found 
 +Checking for program python ​                            : ok /​usr/​bin/​python ​
 +Checking for Python version >= 2.3                      : ok 2.5.4 
 +Checking for library python2.5 ​                         : ok 
 +Checking for program python2.5-config ​                  : ok /​usr/​bin/​python2.5-config ​
 +Checking for header Python.h ​                           : ok 
 +Checking for -fvisibility=hidden support ​               : yes 
 +Checking for pybindgen location ​                        : not found 
 +Checking for Python module pybindgen ​                   : not found 
 +pybindgen missing => no python bindings
 +Checking for program sudo                               : ok /​usr/​bin/​sudo ​
 +Checking for program hg                                 : not found 
 +Checking for program valgrind ​                          : ok /​usr/​bin/​valgrind ​
 +Package gsl was not found in the pkg-config search path.
 +Perhaps you should add the directory containing `gsl.pc'​
 +to the PKG_CONFIG_PATH environment variable
 +No package '​gsl'​ found
 +Checking for pkg-config flags for GSL                   : not found 
 +---- Summary of optional NS-3 features:
 +Threading Primitives ​         : enabled
 +Real Time Simulator ​          : enabled
 +Emulated Net Device ​          : enabled
 +Tap Bridge ​                   : enabled
 +GtkConfigStore ​               : not enabled (library '​gtk+-2.0 >= 2.12' not found)
 +XmlIo                         : not enabled (library '​libxml-2.0 >= 2.7' not found)
 +SQlite stats data output ​     : not enabled (library '​sqlite3'​ not found)
 +Network Simulation Cradle ​    : not enabled (NSC not found (see option --with-nsc))
 +Python Bindings ​              : not enabled (PyBindGen missing)
 +Use sudo to set suid bit      : enabled
 +Build examples and samples ​   : enabled
 +Static build                  : not enabled (option --enable-static not selected)
 +GNU Scientific Library (GSL)  : not enabled (GSL not found)
 +'​configure'​ finished successfully (4.881s)
 +10. Comprobar la instalación:​
 +  ./ -c core
 +Waf: Entering directory `/​usr/​local/​src/​ns-allinone-3.6/​ns-3.6/​build'​
 +Waf: Leaving directory `/​usr/​local/​src/​ns-allinone-3.6/​ns-3.6/​build'​
 +'​build'​ finished successfully (0.586s)
 +PASS: TestSuite histogram
 +PASS: TestSuite ns3-wifi-interference
 +PASS: TestSuite sample
 +PASS: TestSuite devices-mesh-flame
 +PASS: TestSuite devices-mesh-dot11s
 +PASS: TestSuite devices-mesh
 +PASS: TestSuite ipv4-address-helper
 +PASS: TestSuite devices-wifi
 +PASS: TestSuite devices-wifi-dcf
 +PASS: TestSuite devices-wifi-tx-duration
 +PASS: TestSuite propagation-loss-model
 +PASS: TestSuite ipv6-list-routing
 +PASS: TestSuite ipv4-list-routing
 +PASS: TestSuite global-route-manager-impl
 +PASS: TestSuite olsr-routing
 +PASS: TestSuite devices-point-to-point
 +PASS: TestSuite ipv6-protocol
 +PASS: TestSuite ipv4-protocol
 +PASS: TestSuite udp
 +PASS: TestSuite tcp
 +PASS: TestSuite packetbb-test-suite
 +PASS: TestSuite drop-tail-queue
 +PASS: TestSuite ipv4-address-generator
 +PASS: TestSuite event-garbage-collector
 +PASS: TestSuite pcap-file-object
 +PASS: TestSuite packet
 +PASS: TestSuite packet-metadata
 +PASS: TestSuite buffer
 +PASS: TestSuite high-precision-128
 +PASS: TestSuite watchdog
 +PASS: TestSuite timer
 +PASS: TestSuite simulator
 +PASS: TestSuite time
 +PASS: TestSuite ptr
 +PASS: TestSuite traced-callback
 +PASS: TestSuite type-traits
 +PASS: TestSuite object-name-service
 +PASS: TestSuite callback
 +PASS: TestSuite attributes
 +PASS: TestSuite config
 +PASS: TestSuite global-value
 +PASS: TestSuite command-line
 +PASS: TestSuite basic-random-number
 +PASS: TestSuite object
 +44 of 44 tests passed (44 passed, 0 skipped, 0 failed, 0 crashed, 0 valgrind errors)
 +  ./waf --regression
 +Waf: Entering directory `/​usr/​local/​src/​ns-allinone-3.6/​ns-3.6/​build'​
 +[450/472] regression-test (test-csma-bridge)
 +SKIP test-csma-bridge (Python bindings not available.)
 +[451/472] regression-test (test-csma-broadcast)
 +PASS test-csma-broadcast
 +[452/472] regression-test (test-csma-multicast)
 +PASS test-csma-multicast
 +[453/472] regression-test (test-csma-one-subnet)
 +PASS test-csma-one-subnet
 +[454/472] regression-test (test-csma-packet-socket)
 +PASS test-csma-packet-socket
 +[455/472] regression-test (test-csma-ping)
 +PASS test-csma-ping
 +[456/472] regression-test (test-csma-raw-ip-socket)
 +PASS test-csma-raw-ip-socket
 +[457/472] regression-test (test-csma-star)
 +PASS test-csma-star
 +[458/472] regression-test (test-dynamic-global-routing)
 +PASS test-dynamic-global-routing
 +[459/472] regression-test (test-global-routing-slash32)
 +PASS test-global-routing-slash32
 +[460/472] regression-test (test-ns2-mob)
 +PASS test-ns2-mob
 +[461/472] regression-test (test-realtime-udp-echo)
 +PASS test-realtime-udp-echo
 +[462/472] regression-test (test-second)
 +PASS test-second
 +[463/472] regression-test (test-simple-error-model)
 +PASS test-simple-error-model
 +[464/472] regression-test (test-simple-global-routing)
 +PASS test-simple-global-routing
 +[465/472] regression-test (test-simple-point-to-point-olsr)
 +PASS test-simple-point-to-point-olsr
 +[466/472] regression-test (test-static-routing-slash32)
 +PASS test-static-routing-slash32
 +[467/472] regression-test (test-tcp-large-transfer)
 +PASS test-tcp-large-transfer
 +[468/472] regression-test (test-tcp-nsc-lfn)
 +SKIP test-tcp-nsc-lfn (NSC not available)
 +[469/472] regression-test (test-third)
 +PASS test-third
 +[470/472] regression-test (test-udp-echo)
 +PASS test-udp-echo
 +[471/472] regression-test (test-wifi-wired-bridging)
 +PASS test-wifi-wired-bridging
 +[472/472] regression-test-collector
 +Regression testing summary:
 +SKIP: 2 of 22 tests have been skipped (test-csma-bridge,​ test-tcp-nsc-lfn)
 +PASS: 20 of 22 tests passed
 +Waf: Leaving directory `/​usr/​local/​src/​ns-allinone-3.6/​ns-3.6/​build'​
 +'​build'​ finished successfully (34.419s)
 +11. Ejecutar un guión de prueba:
 +  ./waf --run hello-simulator
 +Waf: Entering directory `/​usr/​local/​src/​ns-allinone-3.6/​ns-3.6/​build'​
 +Waf: Leaving directory `/​usr/​local/​src/​ns-allinone-3.6/​ns-3.6/​build'​
 +'​build'​ finished successfully (0.704s)
 +Hello Simulator
 </​code>​ </​code>​
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